Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photos? We Doan Need No Stinking Photos

Some visitors to my awesome author's website (http://www.trbraxton.com/, shameless self promotion is the American way) might wonder why there are no photos of me there. After all- isn't that what everyone who promotes themself on the web does? I'm promoting myself on the web- so shouldn't I have pictures?Well, if you must know it's because I was born with a horribly disfigured face (think The Elephant Man crossed with Jabba the Hut). No really, I haven't posted any pictures because I don't see what the mug I wear has to do with what I write. If I were a model or actor, I'd post pictures. But I'm a writer, so I post content.

I also haven't posted any pictures because I'm trying to embrace the anonymity/mysteriousness the internet can offer when properly used. That's one of the cool things about the internet. We can communicate without you having to see me. I could have a bowl of buggers next to the keyboard while I'm typing this and you'd never know. Would you? Am I picking and/or eating buggers right now? Or am I wearing a lime green Snuggie and a Darth Vader mask? So long as I don't post any pictures of myself, those who have never met me will have no idea what I look like.

Think about it. I could walk past you on the street tomorrow and you'd think I was just some guy instead of the reputation lacking self-published author that I am. Look around when you go out tomorrow. Ask a stranger if they're T.R. Braxton. They'll probably lie to you if they are. I know I would. Or would I?Hahahahahahahahahahaha! The mystery of it all boggles your mind. Or does it?You may ask- "But T.R.,What will you do if you sell a lot of books and become well known?" "Surely people will have to see what you look like then?" And I say to that: "No! You won't vanquish me that easily, foul knaves!" Maybe I'll wear a mask to book signings or I'll hire someone to pretend to me - like how people never saw the fat woman who really sang for C and C factory. Not that I'm fat. Or am I?

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